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Oral Surgeries

Whether you have a damaged tooth or an infected wisdom tooth that may need to be extracted, or you are in need of bone grafting to prepare for the placement of a dental implant, Dr. Alex Scott is here to help. As a general dentist experienced with a wide range of oral surgeries, Dr. Scott can provide you with the care you need to protect your smile and resolve your oral health issues quickly. Contact us today for an appointment.

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Tooth Extractions

Basic Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Tooth extractions are most commonly required for wisdom teeth that are not growing into your mouth properly. While they are a natural part of the mouth, the wisdom teeth grow in much later than our other teeth, and most people do not have enough room to accommodate them.

This can cause serious oral health issues, particularly if the teeth become “impacted” and do not erupt all the way. At the office of Dr. Alex W. Scott, we can handle every type of wisdom tooth extraction, including basic extractions and surgical extractions for impacted wisdom teeth.

We also offer tooth extractions for teeth that have been damaged by decay, oral trauma, or gum disease. While extraction is always a last resort for damaged teeth, it’s sometimes the best way to prevent further oral health issues and restore your smile. 

When Is an Extraction Necessary?

What to Look Out For

Not sure if your wisdom tooth needs to come out? Extractions for wisdom teeth are not always necessary. Some people can keep their wisdom teeth with no problems. However, if you are experiencing symptoms like jaw pain and stiffness, swelling of gum tissue near your rear teeth, and pain near your wisdom teeth, they may be infected or impacted, and require removal. Schedule a consultation at the office of Dr. Alex W. Scott right away.

Extractions may also be necessary if you have a deeply infected tooth, if you have advanced gum disease, or if your tooth has been destroyed by a traumatic oral injury. To find out if your tooth can be saved or if it requires extraction, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott. 

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Prepare for Dental Implants

Bone Grafts

Bone grafts are often required if your jaw bone is not healthy enough for a dental implant. In this procedure, Dr. Scott will create an opening in the gum and jaw tissue, then pack a special bone powder into the area. Over the next several months, your natural jaw bone will heal around this bone powder, strengthening the area and preparing it for an implant.

Healing & After Care

After Oral Surgery

After your appointment, you’ll need to take things easy for a few days, avoid disturbing the surgical site, and to eat a diet of mostly soft foods to avoid pain and discomfort. Dr. Scott will provide you with a set of instructions that will ensure that you heal properly after your bone graft or tooth extraction, so be sure to follow them to the letter.

Stay Safe & Comfortable

Sedation Available

We offer laughing gas sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. If you have a tooth extraction or bone graft scheduled and you’re feeling anxious or nervous, sedation dentistry from Dr. Scott is sure to help.

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